Lisa & Nicola

Imagination, a simple word with so much power. It holds the key to doorways into new worlds, to adventure and magic. Without it you can’t see castles in the clouds, you can’t take tea with the Queen; you can’t dance with fairies or ride flying horses.

Imagination makes anything possible. The wardrobe is the tallest tower, the chair is a throne and the stairs are a mountain, a challenge to overcome. Imagination is the best friend a child can have.

We created Bonnie & Pearl dolls to be a true companion into the world of imaginative play, a friend that wants to be part of the adventure.

As little girls our own dolls, named Bonnie and Pearl, were constantly at our sides; they were part of everyday life, sharing family mealtimes or searching for unicorns at the bottom of the garden. They came with us to the park, went shopping and visited Granny’s house in the car. Bonnie and Pearl played with us, they played with our friends; they were in our gang.

As we left childhood behind and became adults our dolls remained with us still, no longer playthings, but part of our homes. They remind us where the keys to imagination are kept, they remind us to throw open those doors.

Bonnie & Pearl make dolls, lovingly designed and crafted to last. We make dolls that evoke the feelings we had as children, the excitement and joy that comes from opening the box for the first time and knowing you’ve found more than a toy, you’ve found a friend.

Lisa & Nicola

Directors of Bonnie & Pearl