Homemade Bubble Wands

Posted: 8th January 2015 Author: Sadie Category: Ideas

Use your imagination and creativity to make these wonderful bubble wands. Make them heart shaped, star shaped and decorate with as many beads as you like! This craft is so simple and easy to make- not only can they be used for bubbles, but they can act as beautiful wands on their own. Adults must be present in the making of these. 

What you will need:

Needle nose pliers (adults must be present for this)

Wire hangers or plain wire

Selection of beads with holes big enough to fit through the wired

Spray paint (optional)

Bubble solution


1. Using the needle nose pliers, untwist and straighten out the wire hanger. If you already have straight wire, you won't need to do this.

2. Using the needle nose pliers, twist the wire into your desired shape. Make sure one end has roughly a 12" long straight length for the handle.

3. Create your shape at the end of the wand; we recommend stars, circles, hearts and moons! Twist any leftover wire around the handle using your pliers. Make sure there are no sharp edges sticking out.

4. If you fancy spray painting your wands, now is the time to do it before we add the beads.

5. String the beads onto the wand, in whichever order you like.

6. Using your pliers, twist the end of your wand to keep the beads on. Make sure it is spiralled round enough so no sharp edges are showing.

7. All done! Now you just need some bubble solution to get the fun started!